TIME-3:20 AM

As always she asked  to sing her a song and i refused because i know she will fall asleep the moment i start singing.Not that am a good singer and my voice is so sweet,she does that all day and i don’t want her to sleep much earlier (its already 3 am) and we started fighting as i continue refusing to sing for her.This time i agreed to sing for her only if she sings for me first and unfortunately she does that,so i have to sing for her now.As always she fell asleep and i started murmuring through my phone to wake her up but of no use. So i cut off the call and redialled it so that she hears the phone vibrating and wake up. She took the call and fired against me for calling because her dad was not asleep and he would hear the vibration. I said “i don’t care ” That’s it end of day 1 with my fiancee .

She don’t like me saying that i don’t care about her family.To be honest i actually doesn’t mean anything like that.I did that to keep her talking with me so that i could sleep while talking to her before she does that but she always wins.

i love you princess


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