i haven’t talked to her for the past 12 hour.She didn’t call me, maybe her dad was awake last night 😦 .As usually she texted me last night and that’s enough for me to move onto the next day.

I am eagerly waiting for her call because tomorrow marks the beginning of new year and i want to talk to her with some of the 2013 daylight still left behind.I am not worried about the new year ahead of me because god has given me the will to face the problems. I wish she is with me now to look past of our good days and also the bad days we faced together.She was with me all the way up here.We got only 8 more days to stay in our hometown after that our college begins. Its better to be in hometown than there in college with the crazy freaking psychos out there. Maybe because i am homesick or don’t like that place but i like to say am both as i have 4 more year to complete the UG and for her its three 😦 .We still have got a lot of class works to be done .Finishing home works at the very last minute won’t work in college. I hope she won’t keep me so long waiting.

Here goes the end of Day 2 waiting for my Princess’s Call

I love you Princess


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