TIME:02:36 AM

For the last 3 days she hasn’t been calling and today i didn’t get her usual message.Maybe her dad was awake or she couldn’t fetch the phone from their room 😦 .Our relation is not declining day by day,it is going up each day .My love for her is not temporary and she knew that i want her besides me all day along. I will never lose a chance to see her. Tomorrow she will be in town for the denture base that i have promised to give her.We chose the dentistry field.She got into college a year ahead of me and i am her Junior :).Yeah,life’s a little bit of funny and it never gives more than what we need to survive πŸ™‚ . She helps me in my work and especially in DADH and Anatomy.

She is always worried about her studies and sometimes i feel like she is building up a pressure cooker inside her.But she always ends up finishing her work on time. Actually it is a different level for me.I don’t finish my work and she keep pressurizing me about my classes. I bunk the classes often whereas she attend them regularly. I am so happy that there is someone to get me on the right way.

I am cooking up something for her birthday which is on January 27th. I never miss a day that will make her happier . Life should never just go on,it should go on with its fullest and most enjoyable way.She shouldn’t just live a life as my girlfriend because she is my PRINCESS ❀ .Sorry for using the word “princess”always. I love mentioning her as Princess that’s why πŸ™‚ .

So she is going to meet me tomorrow and we will have our favorite Chicken Chicken <3.

I love you princess


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