TIME- 4:11 AM

Five days passed and yet no late night calls or bedtime messages. Her mom’s hogging the phone so she can’t use it.We have been fighting all day long about these. I always come up with better ideas for irritating her but she always win.she’s having an engagement tomorrow and am planning on continuing with the same old duty.I haven’t slept for the past five days maybe because she didn’t call me before sleep or something else. Its been my first time that i stood awake continuously for days.

I love to watch her sleeping and i stared at her on our last trip back to college.She is so beautiful that i can’t take my eyes off her and not to mention about the hair.She has soft silky hair and i love playing with her hair.She saw me in the bookshop with my friend but didn’t call me because her mom was there.Four more days to go still i haven’t bought her the chicken i promised her 😦 .To sleep well you should have an healthy and pleasent mind and i think she has that :).

End of day 5

I love you princess


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