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TIME-04:22 PM

Started a fight for not calling me today and going on with my daily chores 🙂 . She is so stubborn and will never give up with something in her mind. I don’t have the permission to call her. And the bad news is she can’t come to the town . I am not much depressed about that because i always expect the worse. Of course i am a little bit sad about not meeting up with her. I am stocking up the old books to give the booksellers . 5 more days in home and we are back again in our field. I haven’t bought her anything for the Christmas. She was too busy with weddings and engagements. I have to make her the dragon chicken before going back and buy her pizza and kfc 🙂 . I can’t even  imagine how much she loves chicken and we even fight for disrespecting the chicken.

She loves tulips and her favorite color is green . She always choose the green one and i think she might have around three dozens of green churidhar. I want to talk to her right now because it’s been four days we talked much.

I love you Princess