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I am a passionate and inexperienced blogger. I enjoy blogging especially if it is for my princess because she loves me a lot. I love the things that make her happy and i am quite sure that the idea of blogging about her will make her surprised when she comes to know about this later. I am here to blog about the "love of my life" <3.Little things she wants me to do for her.She loves CHICKEN and i think that's what which holds us together ( just kidding). I always start fight between us but she always wins no matter how hard i tried to fight with her.So i just want to keep a daily note on our relationship(hey we are not married,okay).



TIME-11:30 PM

As usual we talked last night and she asked to sing for her and i did.We went to town and had a an awesome day together.We went to kfc and i bought the pepperoni pizza for her. We walked a lot around the town and she bought me biriyani.We went to the clinic for the denture base and have done almost everything we planned. It was the best day i had for the vacation.Had dinner with my dad and while am having my sandwich she called because she’s not feeling well and had severe headache . She said she missed me so much:) .Isn’t it the best thing to hear while having the dinner 🙂 .

I love you princess




TIME-10:35 PM

Day was not that awesome but with some memories of the past we had together 🙂 . Again stocked up some books for the seller .Went to town and had some fun there . She called me today and we talked a lot. She is so depressed about going back. This time she promised that she will go with me to the town. I am so excited about that and have a lot of things for her in mind. For the last few days i slept off earlier than she did and that’s the best thing i like about late night calling. It feels like i am just too close to her 🙂 . Yeah, we fight all day but when it comes to this,everything we fought about seems empty and pointless.

I love you Princess





Am so glad that she called me last night and we talked but didn’t quite last for long as i slept off earlier than i thought.She told me to call her back after sometime because her dad was awake. We talked about the wedding she had for the day. The Family style food service was excellent but she stressed more on the variety of chicken dishes they had. That night i enjoyed the talk because i knew that it is the only time i could sleep talking to her 🙂 . She wants to hear about our wedding reception and how its going to be. I started out by saying about the chicken dishes we will have on our reception :). And the tulips and about the live music . Well i believe in myself to make this happen as long as god is with me. I will never give up for her because she’s all that matters me the most.

I love you princess



TIME- 4:11 AM

Five days passed and yet no late night calls or bedtime messages. Her mom’s hogging the phone so she can’t use it.We have been fighting all day long about these. I always come up with better ideas for irritating her but she always win.she’s having an engagement tomorrow and am planning on continuing with the same old duty.I haven’t slept for the past five days maybe because she didn’t call me before sleep or something else. Its been my first time that i stood awake continuously for days.

I love to watch her sleeping and i stared at her on our last trip back to college.She is so beautiful that i can’t take my eyes off her and not to mention about the hair.She has soft silky hair and i love playing with her hair.She saw me in the bookshop with my friend but didn’t call me because her mom was there.Four more days to go still i haven’t bought her the chicken i promised her 😦 .To sleep well you should have an healthy and pleasent mind and i think she has that :).

End of day 5

I love you princess



TIME-04:22 PM

Started a fight for not calling me today and going on with my daily chores 🙂 . She is so stubborn and will never give up with something in her mind. I don’t have the permission to call her. And the bad news is she can’t come to the town . I am not much depressed about that because i always expect the worse. Of course i am a little bit sad about not meeting up with her. I am stocking up the old books to give the booksellers . 5 more days in home and we are back again in our field. I haven’t bought her anything for the Christmas. She was too busy with weddings and engagements. I have to make her the dragon chicken before going back and buy her pizza and kfc 🙂 . I can’t even  imagine how much she loves chicken and we even fight for disrespecting the chicken.

She loves tulips and her favorite color is green . She always choose the green one and i think she might have around three dozens of green churidhar. I want to talk to her right now because it’s been four days we talked much.

I love you Princess



TIME:02:36 AM

For the last 3 days she hasn’t been calling and today i didn’t get her usual message.Maybe her dad was awake or she couldn’t fetch the phone from their room 😦 .Our relation is not declining day by day,it is going up each day .My love for her is not temporary and she knew that i want her besides me all day along. I will never lose a chance to see her. Tomorrow she will be in town for the denture base that i have promised to give her.We chose the dentistry field.She got into college a year ahead of me and i am her Junior :).Yeah,life’s a little bit of funny and it never gives more than what we need to survive 🙂 . She helps me in my work and especially in DADH and Anatomy.

She is always worried about her studies and sometimes i feel like she is building up a pressure cooker inside her.But she always ends up finishing her work on time. Actually it is a different level for me.I don’t finish my work and she keep pressurizing me about my classes. I bunk the classes often whereas she attend them regularly. I am so happy that there is someone to get me on the right way.

I am cooking up something for her birthday which is on January 27th. I never miss a day that will make her happier . Life should never just go on,it should go on with its fullest and most enjoyable way.She shouldn’t just live a life as my girlfriend because she is my PRINCESS ❤ .Sorry for using the word “princess”always. I love mentioning her as Princess that’s why 🙂 .

So she is going to meet me tomorrow and we will have our favorite Chicken Chicken <3.

I love you princess



TIME:1:00 AM


Starting the day with

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.
She can’t call me as her mobile is with her mom,and here i am sitting all alone in front of my lap glancing through the past and marking a new beginning.A wonderful year ahead of us to forget the past and “LIVE THE PRESENT” .Oh yeah  just leave the future alone as it has got nothing to do with the present.The only think we should be concerned about is the present.
We had three beautiful memorable years together. I can’t live without my princess.I want her to be happy always,smile always and don’t want her to be concerned about anything. 2013 was a struggling year for us and we survived that and here we are facing an year hiding all the surprises it has gifted for us and happiness and all the gloominess that comes together with it.It’s not that i am scared of the 2014,it’s just that i am surprised about the hidden  treasure waiting for us.
She is sleeping right now,and i hope that she is thinking about me .I don’t know why am i always reasoning like that.Is it the love for her? She is just a bowl full of joy and happiness. She always makes me happy but to start the fight i will say her that she is the only one making me sad( I just want to irritate her).
i downloaded the Korean movie  she asked me for “200 pounds of beauty” and “baby and me”.I am not much of a Korean fan but whatever she likes will also be my likes. I don’t want the year to start with bumps. I just want it to be super normal just like my princess. Sleep tight princess ❤ ❤
End of Day 3
I love you princess